I.T. Audit Pro

It’s hard for companies to tell how secure their networks are. Businesses need to be aware of their security networks for numerous reasons, such as monitoring if they are compliant with the company and government regulations, scanning for potential fraud, and so forth. With Devine Consulting’s new and innovative IT Security Audit Pro software, companies can, in turn, save more of their financial resources.

The IT Security Audit Pro allows the client to audit their computer and network systems and evaluate the effectiveness of security efforts being practiced within the office. This software's information will deliver accurate facts clients need to improve their operations and financial controls. Clients can operate at maximum efficiency by regularly checking their networks with this application.

IT Security Audit Pro follows the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53 and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 4300A, which are integrated within the software that companies can cross-reference.

This application can be broken down to fit any company’s needs. Based on what standards need to be audited, the first step is to take inventory of systems/hardware and prepare the rules of engagement. The next step is where the actual auditing happens, and the application will populate a list of vulnerabilities and document the results. Last is the analyzing and documentation stage. The Retina scans' findings are imported into the IT Security Audit Pro that then examines the information to make sure they are compliant with well-known standards.

Not only does this application verify compliance, but it can also accurately provide forensic analysis, inventory control, data mining, and more. The IT Audit Pro does not require internet access to run through a laptop while on the field. The portability of the application ensures error-free information in half the time.


IT Audit Pro


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