U.S. Navy Selects DeVine to Provide Research & Subject Matter Expertise at Naval Postgraduate School 

The U.S. Navy has selected DeVine Consulting to provide research and subject matter expertise in support of the Naval Postgraduate School’s educational programs with a contract valued at $100 million. DeVine will execute support tasks in California, Washington, and Virginia through March 2021 if the Navy exercises all options.

The Naval Postgraduate School aims to help boost the skills of commissioned officers in the naval service through advanced research programs. Research support includes, but is not limited to: collecting and analyzing data, conducting and analyzing laboratory experiments, computer modeling/trend analysis, and recording findings and recommendations in papers and presentations.

DeVine will provide the research scientists and engineers in support of NPS mission objectives. Our team will provide support for the development and implementation of research plans to operate within Department of Navy rules and regulations. Types of support includes laboratory/technician support including data gathering, data compilation, and/or statistical analysis; providing for the setup, monitoring, and control of NPS labs such as high energy physics, material science, robotics, and adaptive optics, and the economics/behavioral experimental laboratories; and development of computer models and/or simulations and programming in a research and engineering environment.

DeVine was selected as a preferred vendor for their technical qualifications and experience working in research laboratories as well as for their familiarity with the requirements of working within the DoD/DoN.


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